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Grab a book and start reading to your child! Read Aloud 15 Minutes, a non-profit organization recognizes the benefits of reading aloud to children and encourages families and caregivers to read aloud every day for at least 15 minutes.  
At readaloud.org materials and resources are ready for you to share with others to inspire reading every day. Be sure to look at the family and caregiver handouts “Where Will Books Take You?” available for various ages and in both English and Spanish:

Birth to 3 (English)                          Birth to 3 (Spanish)

Ages 4 to 5 (English)                       Ages 4 to 5 (Spanish)

Ages 6 to 8 (English)                       Ages 6 to 8 (Spanish)

Use these resources to share with others to help promote reading aloud every day!

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