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Guest Post by Dr. Marnie Aylesworth

Sometimes, our brains get in our way! Stress can be a huge reason for that and parenting can often create stressful moments. Our brains are wired to react impulsively when we are stressed. That means sometimes we do and say things when parenting that we wouldn’t normally do or say. We react out of emotion instead of taking a step back to be thoughtful about how we respond to our child.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. When adults find ways to manage their own emotions, kids have someone to model for them. We have to take care of ourselves before we can help others.

Mindful parenting is using easy strategies to train our brains to stop…. breathe….think, before responding to our child. Mindful adults tend to be better at controlling their emotions and their relationships with their child improve. The key to mindful parenting is to notice your own feelings when you are having a conflict with your child, learning to pause before responding, and listening to your child (if they are able to talk).

The How to be Mindful During a ‘Thought Parade’ video from the Center for Health Minds, shares strategies young adults or parents can use to relate to our flurry of thoughts with a more mindful attitude.

Find more information about mindful parenting at the Gottman Institute website or visit the Center for Healthy Minds website.

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