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Hello my name is Vanessa M. Me and my family have been enrolled in the East Allegheny Family Center since 2012. I have 3 kids: Breanna -10 Micah-5 and Malachi- 4. In the past 6 years, I have participated in many things such as home visits, family fun nights, ACT parenting classes, kindergarten readiness and many more. Through home visits, I have learned so much about parenting, goal setting and life skills. My Family Development Specialist not only helps me set goals for my children but also for myself to help me better myself and my children’s future. 

My family center has always been there for me and my family. I am currently the president of our parent group. I have volunteered myself and my time within the AIU (Allegheny Intermediate Unit) program to learn about a program called “Fund My Future” for myself, and to inform other parents within my center and community. Me and my family have always felt welcome at our family center. 

My Center is filled with a bunch of wonderful women who are there to help whenever they can. None of this would have happened, if it didn’t first start with home visiting. 

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