With the holiday season, families and friends may be looking for the perfect gift for a child. Did you know the perfect gift is at your fingertips? 

Click here to print 5 Gifts to Give a Child this Holiday Season (English).

Click here to print 5 Gifts to Give a Child this Holiday Season (Spanish).

5 gifts to give a child this holiday season

  1. Time. Time spent with your child helps them develop a stronger bond with you. It allows them to watch and learn skills they will need throughout their entire life.
  2. Attention. Children learn through experiences with their world. Your attention to them is at the heart of their learning.
  3. Patience. Developing new skills need lots of practice. Activities done over and over allow your child multiple opportunities to learn.
  4. Conversation. Your child is able to understand language before they can speak it. New words and sounds in conversations help them form their foundation for reading.
  5. Encouragement. Positive words of encouragement create a bond between you and your child. This supports them while trying new learning experiences.

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