As their child’s first teacher, families can hold the key to their child’s school success. From the Kindergarten, Here I Come Activity Guide, get five promises you can make to your Kindergartner for school success!

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5 promises to make to your kindergartner for School Success

  1. I promise to make sure my child has a healthy, nutritious breakfast before school every day. This will give my child energy to stay focused and learn.
  2. I promise to teach my child to practice good hygiene (like  brushing teeth, bathing, wearing clean clothes). This will help my child feel better about themselves. 
  3. I promise to teach my child good habits (like washing hands, covering nose & mouth to sneeze, closed mouth when  chewing).  This will help keep my child healthy and prevent spreading germs.
  4. I promise to create a bedtime routine, making sure my child gets at least 10-12 hours of sleep each night. This will help my child be well rested and ready to learn.
  5. I promise to read with my child every day. This will help my child recognize words and gives me quality time with my child. 

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