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Brittany Jewart is the head teacher in the 1-2 year old classroom at Indiana County Child Daycare Program (Indy Kids). 

My son, John, was in her classroom during a very pivotal time for our family.  He had just turned one when we found out we were expecting our second child.  John transitioned to Ms. Brittany’s classroom and immediately had a connection with her, which came in handy, because he also became the classroom biter.  During this time, Ms. Brittany showed unstoppable patience in working with him (and us!) as he navigated through this icky part of development. 

She showed him so much love and care, and implemented tactics to help him stay connected with the other children but still being aware of his chomping tendencies. 

She also showed so much grace with us as new parents, trying to work through a challenging time; always taking time to talk to us and help us process.  

When John’s speech became more developed, one of our favorite things to do while getting ready for bed was to ask “who loves you?”  Do you think the first person he’d say was mommy? daddy? Nope–it was “Brittany”.  There is no greater testament to the impact of a teacher than that! 

Megan, John’s mom

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  1. Robert Oswald says:

    Oh how I love this story about my dear niece Brittany! Love from Uncle Robert.

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