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I  wanted to share a story about my son’s teacher.

Tasha Huey is an assistant teacher at Indiana County Child Day Care Center (Indy Kids) in the 2-3 year old class room. This woman is a wizard!  She has a way of getting these tiny humans to listen to her in the most creative ways. 

My son, John, came home one day and was doing what can only be described as a variation of a summer-salt that had been stunted half way through. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, “Yoga. Cat pose.”  I stared at him, because one, it was adorable, and two because I had no idea where he had learned it. 

He then went on to show me his “dead tree pose” i.e. Tree Pose, and a few others he couldn’t remember the names of.  I asked him who taught him and he said, “Ms Tasha teaches us yoga.” 

While I knew it before, this was just another example of ways Ms Tasha uses creativity to help children learn, explore, and experience new things. 

Another example is when the class did a lesson on spiders.  She made a “web” on the ground out of masking tape and then took pictures of each child being a spider on the web. As a mother, I learned a lot about spiders that week from my son. 

The point being, the way he was being taught was so exciting to him that he had to come home and share what he was learning. What more could you ask for!?   

John just recently moved to the next room. This photo with my story is him giving Ms Tasha a thank-you flower for being so great. 

Thank you for highlighting these wonderful people who care for, and teach these babes!  I hope Ms Tasha gets some much-deserved attention!  

Megan H., John’s mom

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