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My daughter, Stella, is a 4 year old in the Cubs classroom at Chelten Child Development Center. She has two wonderful teachers, Miss Laura and Miss Shannon. Yesterday I asked her what her favorite things were about her teachers. 

Stella said she loves Miss Laura because she is so smart. She said she is very nice, and she likes that Miss Laura tells them not to talk about getting married yet because there’s plenty of time for that! As a mom, I have to say I love that last one quite a bit.  

Stella said Miss Shannon is very serious, and she likes that about her. Miss Shannon makes sure everyone follows the rules.

Aside from what these two teachers bring to the students individually, they work so well together as a team, as you can tell from my daughter’s perspective. They create a learning environment that is fun but also structured and inclusive. I hope they can be recognized for the wonderful teachers that they are!

Sarah G., Stella’s mom

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