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Mom, Elizabeth, shares the progress of her daughter, Cheyenne, and what her dreams are for Cheyenne.

Years ago, working as a teacher in the school age classroom, I became passionate for Early Childhood Education. Having the opportunity for my daughter to start Kidsville Junction, a Keystone STARS center, has made a positive impact on her education from the start. I have since become a director and have been so appreciative for high quality placement, and even now when my daughter is not attending her elementary school.

When my daughter was in her preschool classroom a few years ago, her teachers had noticed very hyperactive behavior, along with noticing she did not adjust to change well. The center had provided me with references to start the process of evaluation prior to entering kindergarten. With a few months of multiple visits to a few doctors and two evaluations, she has been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety while transitioning into kindergarten. This was a hard diagnosis to process as I want the best for my child, and I do not want to see her suffer or struggle. I am so glad I had Kidsville Junction to help me along the way and to be supportive system for my family.

Cheyenne is silly, strong willed, passionate, determined, creative, fun, loving, so incredibly caring, kind, and a hard worker. Obviously, as her mother, I could just tell you how perfect she is to me, but I am simply blessed. She is truly amazing to raise, to teach, to learn from, to love, and be loved by. She has accomplished so much over the years and conquered each goal that is set for her with our family by her side.

I dream each day that she will continue to grow into her own person and strive to do her best. I help her grow by directing her into making the best choices. We talk things out and I am always open to listen to what her wants and needs are. When she spikes an interest into something, I always allow her to explore and encourage the learning of new things. I am grateful that I have Kidsville Junction to help us along the way. When not in school, Cheyenne attends the center, which allows her to change up her daily routine and helps to also meet the new members from other community. This has made her more social and less anxious. The teachers provide a safe and loving environment in which helps her with the anxiety, especially during a scary world we have been living in within the last year due to the pandemic. The center has provided her with the additional help she needs when not attending school to help her achieve her goals.

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