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Mom, Jessica, shares her experience with the Parents as Teachers program.

I initially learned of Parents as Teachers when I saw a flyer at a local store about a group event being held near my house. My son was about six months old and I thought it would be a great way for us to meet other parents and children in the area, so we attended.  We did get to meet other parents and children, but we also got so much more!

The home visitors that were hosting the event spoke to me about their program and the home visits I could participate in and I was surprised to learn that I could be part of the program.  I am a single mom, who works full time.  Parents as Teachers was willing to work around my work schedule and I did not have to qualify financially for the program.  I was aware of other early childhood programs, but I never qualified. 

This experience has helped me grow as a parent. I’ve seen the importance of play and how my interactions help my son to grow. My son will be five this year and he is a great problem solver, imaginative and confident.  Parents as Teachers has been an absolutely awesome program for both of us!

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