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Chanda, Roman’s mom, share’s his progress and how thankful their family is for all the wonderful early learning experiences.

Roman started attending Small World Learning Center when he was around two years old. We were very nervous for him because it was his first time in child care. He wasn’t around other children often, except for when he was at the Sto-Rox Family Center events. This was a completely new environment for him to be in a setting without his dad or I around. Within a few weeks, Roman surprised us with how quickly he adjusted and progressed. His teachers were also astonished and couldn’t believe that it was his first time in child care. A few months later, his teacher suggested that because his progression we should consider transitioning him into that PA Pre-K Counts program ahead of his class. At first, we were hesitant and nervous, but they were confident he was ready.


Moving forward, that was one of the best decisions we could have made, and we are extremely grateful to have such loving, supporting, and dedicated teachers beside him. Being a teacher myself, I have seen and learned the importance of early childhood education. I am happy that I can take what I know and what I have learned and implement it at home to help build a solid and strong foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing for him.


Overall, Roman has grown so much within these past five years! He has shown us his love for creativity through drawing and building things. He has also shown his compassion for others by being recognized in school for helping his fellow classmates and teachers, as well as having a positive attitude. Roman says that when he grows up, he wants to be a doctor or an architect! He enjoys taking on new challenges from video games and puzzles, to canoeing and walking nature trails, an even horseback riding! We proceed to encourage Roman by giving him the opportunity to be part of a family decision-making. We continue to reaffirm him of our love through extra hugs especially during his difficult moments. During these times, we think it is important to get down on his eye level to discuss his actions and feelings. We believe in acknowledging his milestones and recognizing his achievements by a simple praise and to encourage positive self-esteem and self-worth.


In conclusion, our family can’t express how thankful we are for all the wonderful learning experiences Roman has been given through the Sto-Rox Family Center, child care, preschool, soccer, and family trips. As Roman prepares to start kindergarten this fall, our hopes and aspirations for him are that he remembers how much he is loved and supported by those who care for him. We want him to continue to excel and enjoy going to school just as much as he does now or even more. We also hope that he remains healthy and happy little boy that he is.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I simply love this lil guy! I cant wait to see all of his accomplishments as he grows. Im proud of the parents that you have both become in raising this amazing young man! Im blessed to be able to be his nana.

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