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Thank you for allowing me to recognize my grandson, Dalton, and my daughter Lisa’s favorite teacher. 

Ms. Stephanie Amann from Magic World Child Care Center in Nanticoke, PA.  The two look forward to going to child care daily knowing that Ms. Steph will be there.  She knows how to manage them when they have a great day or a not-so-great day.  Even on those “hard to get out the doors” days, she can turn to them and with her smile and they want to stay.  

Ms. Steph has helped my daughter transition from being somewhat introverted due to her early trauma to an outgoing sassy typical four year old.  Ms. Steph never treated her differently knowing we provided her foster care.  She also expressed how happy she was when we finally had adopted her. 

My grandson started having some behavioral issues. Once Ms. Steph returned from her maternity leave, my grandsons behaviors improved. 

She knows my grandson and daughters favorite things, movies, etc. as if she were immediate family. 

I cannot express the gratitude I have for Ms. Steff enough.

Lori, mom/grandmom to Daulton and Lisa

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