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We would like to thank our daughter’s Pre-K teachers Ms. Shayna & Ms. Emily, at Play & Learn Abington, for helping us raise our daughter Rebecca to be the super girl she is today.

My husband and I both have crazy work schedules and at the end of each day when we pick up Rebecca from school we are always delighted to hear all the neat things she learned or worked on that day, and how she grew as a person.

It brings us great relief and comfort to know that our daughter is in the care of these brilliant and well-trained ladies who apply interesting techniques and strategies for addressing the needs of each kid and promoting healthy habits.

Rebecca, like any other child who is spending the majority of their day in childcare, needs to be around teachers with high standards for acceptable behavior and Ms. Shayna & Ms. Emily are just that.

We are forever grateful to Ms. Shayna & Ms. Emily (as well as the rest of the staff at Play & Learn who have been part of Rebecca’s life for the past 5 years there) for caring for and about Rebecca, and encouraging the very best in her!

Rebecca’s family

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