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Staying Healthy During the Spring Season for Families.


Spring is the perfect time to plant a garden. Healthy eating, physical activity, science skills, fine motor skills, and more—the benefits to growing a garden are numerous! (Natl. Macaroni Kids)

Use the natural world as a learning tool to improve outcomes for young children and create time and space for nature play in your child’s learning environment. (Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center)

Knowing how to dress children for outdoor play in any weather can make a huge difference to the amount of time they’re happy to spend outside. Make sure children have the clothing they need to stay dry and comfortable during the cool and wet spring season. (Take Them Outside)

Spring is in the air and so are outdoor allergens! Avoid high exposure to pollen, keep your home and car clean of pollen, clean off outdoor pollen residues, know your allergies, and talk with your doctor if seasonal allergy symptoms appear. (Seasonal Allergies at a Glance | NCCIH)

Make every bite count with in-season fruit and vegetables during meals and snacks! Eating seasonal produce is better for your health, tastes better, saves money and is good for the environment. Discover what produce is in season during the spring. (USDA)


Click to print the flyer, Staying Healthy During the Spring Season for Families in English or Spanish.

Click to print the flyer, Staying Healthy During the Spring Season for Early Learning Professionals in English or Spanish.

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