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With many people still limiting their indoor activities due to COVID-19, Pennsylvania state parks and forests continue to offer access to activities — even during the winter months.
A lot of people don’t think about spending time outdoors in winter due to the colder temperatures; but with proper clothing and other safety precautions, there are plenty of benefits to spending some time outdoors now.
What makes winter recreation special? The scenery! The bare trees and vegetation in forests help make spotting wildlife easier, provide additional scenery from vistas, and uncover the vast rock formations that make up Pennsylvania’s varied natural landscapes.
You also don’t have to travel far to enjoy the health benefits of exercise and fresh air in the winter. Pennsylvanians are fortunate that with so many state and local parks and forests they can find an opportunity near them.
The winter season provides opportunities for activities that cannot be enjoyed year-round. Take advantage of some of these unique outdoor recreation opportunities. Read more.

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