Turn on the television or radio, or open the newspaper, and see that you’re surrounded by advertisements aimed at catching your attention. During the holidays, this can increase to the point when it’s overwhelming. What’s a family to do? 

  • Ssshhhh! Plan for quiet times at home with your children when everyone can be together and enjoy the quiet time. Read a favorite book, create a special meal, or listen to a favorite song.
  • Make a list! Forget the gift list, the Holiday Card mailing list and the grocery list! With your child, create a list of your favorite things. Limit it to items which cannot be bought in a store, like watching the snow fall, laughing at a joke, the smell of cookies, or snuggling under a warm blanket.
  • Think outside the box. Instead of scrambling around to find the perfect gift, start at home by making a gift for friends or family members. Bake a batch of cookies, create a What I Like About You book, string a beaded necklace, or create a work of art (finger) painting. The recipient will receive a gift that was created just for them!
  • Plan your schedule and schedule your plans. What is the most important part of the holiday season to you and your family? Is it spending time with family and friends? Connecting with others? Making sure everyone feels valued? Plan for activities or opportunities that will be important to you. Take a walk in the park, see the holiday lights, decorate for the holidays, bake cookies, or read a favorite holiday book.
  • Tell a story. Share your experiences as a child. Tell you child a story about a special holiday memory or another special event you remember when you were a child. If you have a difficult time recalling an event, ask a friend or family member to share their memories.
  • Create a new tradition. If you’d like a new way to celebrate the holidays, start by considering things your family likes to do. Maybe it’s watching a favorite movie, or reading a favorite book. It could be taking a walk around the neighborhood to see neighbor’s holiday lights, or attending a holiday event at the library or within the community.

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