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An early learning professional shares the impact her Certification Rep has had with the early learning program.

I feel I have a positive and professional as well as cordial working relationship with my certification rep. She is definitely very helpful with updating me with state regulations as well as Keystone STARS trainings. I feel she believes in me to do my best by providing quality childcare to all the children in my care in a safe, educational and caring environment.

She has helped me and worked with me and my staff on supervision methods which resulted positively. She is not intimidating. Her presentation is warm, cordial and professional.  She demonstrates her passion and devotion for the work she does through her presentation, communication, her constant emails of updates, and she has provided me with several resources to help me to improve and maintain quality care and meet state regulations.

I feel we both have a mutual respect for each other as an individual as well as our positions. I inform my staff at anytime that if Cris comes to our center that she is only here to help us and make any corrections needed. 

Cris shows that she wants you to succeed in operating a safe, educational and fun-loving childcare facility. Also, if you need assistance, Cris will definitely get back to you to answer any questions or concerns you have. If Cris is not sure, she will do some research and get back to you in a  timely manner. 

I appreciate knowing that my certification rep is only doing her job to help providers operate a safe and learning environment which is my first priority.  

Janice P., Allegheny County

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