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A Beaver County mom shares how a caring child care program has helped her daughter grow and blossom.

My preschooler has always been very timid, it has been her personality from the start. Everything social was a struggle until this year after she turned four. When I would drop her at childcare she would be very sad and instantly her eyes would tear up, it was always such a hard departure. Until this year at Pitter Patter Place Childcare (ELRC Region 3).

Ms Debbie created a kiss jar for her and lent us a book to read her dealing with anxiety. So mommy would fill up her jar with kisses when we got to childcare and anytime she was missing me she could go to the jar and take out a kiss.

Her personality has really grown and blossomed now! She now will ask me the night before daycare “I wonder what project we’re gonna do tomorrow.” And she has friends there and will speak up now with the teachers when she needs something. It’s so nice to see her grow in this way and we are very thankful for the time and patience PPP took with her.

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