Watching the World Closely

At this age, toddlers are imitating others.
You'll find them copying day-to-day tasks such as brushing hair, or cleaning activities.
You may also find them using objects for new purposes, such as using a
toothbrush as a brush for their stuffed animal.

What might your child be doing?

Click here to print Developmental Milestone Check List 18-21 months. Share the list with your child’s health care professional, teacher, or save it for your own records.

Each activity your child is doing is typical of their age.

If your child isn’t doing all of the activities, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Children can vary by as much as six months in some of the things that they are able to do. If you do have questions about your child’s development, you can call the CONNECT Helpline, a program of the State of Pennsylvania.

CONNECT Helpline 1-800-692-7288

The child specialists on the CONNECT Helpline are there to answer questions and provide information about child development for families of children ages birth to age five.

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