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The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) gave a presentation to the Allegheny Intermediate Unit FACES Family Centers. The subject was regarding a program called Health Professional Opportunity Grant (HPOG), a grant that can provide education and training in healthcare tracks for low income individuals. The center reached out to the enrolled parents with this information.

One parent, who is single and has two children, indicated a sincere interest in the program. The Family Development Specialist (FDS) staff member began assisting the parent with the application process and the center provided the parent transportation to and from the college for various appointments. The parent started her first semester at CCAC shortly thereafter. 

The parent has successfully completed the required courses and is certified as a Home Health Aide.  

Due to the center’s staff ongoing supportive relationships with families, and working relationships with various agencies, the Family Development Specialist (FDS) reached out to Sunny Days-In Care agency. The FDS was able to help the parent that attendedCommunity College of Allegheny County get an interview and as a result the parent secured employment.

This success story has changed the lives of the parent and children.  The parent is still working and is able to provide for her children in a better manner. By having a work income she has been able to establish good credit and has purchased a SUV to take her children on trips, doctor appointments, school events, etc.  

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