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The McKeesport Family Center shares a success story of a family at their program.

We have a young, married mother of two young children enrolled in our family center for a little over two years.  When she enrolled in our center she had one daughter and was a security guard for a bank. She always had an interest of obtaining a job working for the government. 

The following year, Mom decided she wanted to go back to school. She talked with her Family Development Specialist (FDS) about this and they developed a goal plan.

The mom enrolled in CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County). Shortly after, she found out she was expecting another child.  Mom continued to attend school, as well as maintain her security job at the bank. After her baby was born, it became very stressful attending school and having a newborn baby.  Her daughter was born with stomach issues, so she was fussy and cried a lot, thus causing additional worries for mom. 

Her FDS was aware of the situation and helped out mom the best she could.  Mom contacted her FDS late one night and was at her wits end, crying and very upset. The baby would not stop crying, she didn’t know what to do. Her FDS went to her house and tried various ways to calm the baby and mom down. After the baby quieted down, FDS and mom had a conversation. Mom was extremely thankful and appreciative.

The next few home visits and phone calls consisted of ways to manage her schedule, use additional supports and resources. She needed childcare for her baby while she attended school and goes to work.

Her husband works as well. Her FDS suggested one of our family’s that is an active member of our center. She contacted the family and set up childcare. Mom returned to work and was able to finish her classes. She has completed all of her classes and has her degree that will allow her to work with Homeland Security. 

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