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We would like to say the Steel Valley Family Center (SVFC) has been in our lives for over 25 years. 

It started with the younger brother and evolved from there, as our mother loved the SVFC so much she would find a reason to be a part of all the events and volunteer for practically everything.  When our younger brother Randy got to old, our mother was blessed with two grandchildren she would bring Latia and Amari to group and other events. 

My mom and Latia looked forward to Ms. Simone coming to do the (Parents as Teachers) PAT home visiting.  She always said she enjoyed the activities. 

Through our mother many people were blessed with her voice, smile and hugs.  Even when she went to the bread bank she blessed people (she never kept all for herself, she always gave not expecting anything in return). 

Personally, I didn’t know all she did at the SVFC until her passing in October.  The wonderful staff, I mean family and friends at the Family Center were there for us brothers before and after my mom’s passing.  We were helped with dinner, which in turn we were able to bless others as the food was in abundance.  The SVFC had a celebration of life for our mother; it was nice to put faces to the names we heard about every day from our mother. 

Even now the Family Center staff still calls to check in on us. (This means so much to us) Even during the week before my mom passed she continued to go to the SVFC and volunteer.  We recently learned she would sneak out and go to SVFC, I think she knew her time was coming to an end so she was saying see you later in her own way. 

As I sit here writing this, I find out that the SVFC got presents for the children in our family.  I can go on and on.  The SVFC will always be a part of our lives.  The SVFC is a blessing to us brothers and we appreciate each and every one at the SVFC.

The C. Family


Father of Latia:  I’m not a big talker, but I just want to state that I can’t thank you all for everything.  You continue to lookout for our family especially Latia. I was worried Latia wouldn’t have a good Christmas this year and we are still adjusting to our mother’s passing.  When I saw all those bags of presents for Latia I had to fight back tears in my eyes. I’m speechless. God bless everyone at the Family Center. Love you all.

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