Is your child ready for Kindergarten? From the Kindergarten, Here I Come Activity Guide, check out these tops six ways to help your child get ready for Kindergarten.

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Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten

  1. Read every day. Reading books, street signs and other words in your child’s world increases vocabulary, knowledge and ability to recognize letters and words.
  2. Encourage imagination and creativity. Children are more likely to be good problem solvers when they can use play to learn and express themselves.
  3. Talk with your child. Use language to describe emotions and behaviors, and surroundings, activities, and objects. Ask your child questions and give them opportunities to ask questions, too!
  4. Provide different opportunities to learn. Early experiences, like in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), supports academic growth; and develops early critical thinking, reasoning and language skills.
  5. Model positive problem solving. Use positive words in your household to resolve conflicts and help your child understand the consequences of his or her actions, and how those actions can affect others. 
  6. Give choices. Even small choices, like which shirt to wear, can help build your child’s confidence and develop independence.

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