Reading skills begin to develop before your child picks up a book! Hearing language is an important part of developing the skills necessary to learn to read. 

Try these six tips to help your child learn to read.

  1. Talk, talk, and talk some more with your child. Ask your child to describe their day and what they did. Make sure to share your day as well!
  2. Look at books or read with your child at least 20 minutes every day. It’s okay to read their favorite book over and over, You can also visit the library to get different books. 
  3. Before reading the words in a book, look at and talk about the pictures. Can they guess what the story might be about?
  4. While reading a book together, connect the book to your child’s personal experiences, or ask what they think might happen next in the story.
  5. After reading a book, talk about what were the favorite parts about the book.
  6. Model good reading habits by reading magazines, books, or newspapers for your own enjoyment.


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