The Benefits of Inclusion in Early Childhood

Inclusion supports the right of every infant, child and their family to participate as full member of communities and society.


    • Develop more friendships.
    • Recognize everyone has different needs and those with disabilities may need accommodations. Not all disabilities are immediately seen.
    • Learn from diverse peers, which prepares them to be global citizens.
    • Continue positive social and academic benefits into the K-12 general education classrooms.
    • Promote high expectations which leads to greater achievement, increased confidence, and more independence.


    • Foster friendships with families of diverse backgrounds and parenting experiences. 
    • Provide opportunities for family stories and experiences to support others and to be a source of parenting knowledge.
    • Create empathy and understanding of other families’ journeys  and reduces feelings of isolation.


    • Maximize early childhood resources.
    • By sharing common experiences, a stronger and safer community is created for everyone.
    • Incorporate the experiences of families and children into successful community planning for all.  

This infographic from the PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning, The Benefits of Inclusion in Early Childhood, shares the impact of inclusion for all children, families and communities.

Click here to print the infographic. (Available in English and Spanish)

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