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Samiyah is an inquisitive child, she asks a lot of questions. Some of her curiosity comes for her time spent in a Head Start pre-k classroom where she was exposed to new things every day. Other positive experiences of her time in pre-k: introduction to the classroom setting, increased focus on early literacy, the opportunity to interact with other children, and development of proper social skills. Now Samiyah is in 2nd grade. She loves to read everything that she sees, and she’s doing well in school.

This is a different situation than my first daughter, Syamora, who was kept home instead of going to pre-k. Her first experience in the classroom was not until Kindergarten at age 5. As a result, Syamora is experiencing more challenges in elementary school, including an IEP.

Samiyah attending Pre-K allowed me to go back to work. I found West Philadelphia Action for Early Learning and am currently employed as a Family Ambassador where I am able to share the benefits of ECE with other parents. In addition, I was able to use my experience to secure a part-time position with Parent Child Home Program as an Early Learning Specialist. I see the impact of quality ECE on my children, which has inspired me pursue a CDA credential so I can continue to support children and families.

Tiffany C.

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