Pennsylvania Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)

Nurse-Family Partnership

NFP is a nurse home visiting program that helps eligible first-time parents learn how to take good care of their babies. Learn more about the program, eligibility and how to apply.

Parent-Child Home Program

Parent-Child Home Program

This home-based early literacy program helps families with infants and toddlers. In two half-hour sessions each week over a two-year period, home visitors teach parents how to read and play with their children, promoting positive parent-child interaction, literacy development, and a language-rich home environment.

Find an Early Learning Resource Center near you

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRC) are the hub of child care information in your local area. An ELRC can provide you and your family with information on quality child care and personalized child care referrals to early childhood education programs based on your specific needs or preferences.

Support for families of children with disabilities

Pennsylvania Department of Education Bureau of Special Education

Parent centers are located around Pennsylvania to offer support for families of children with disabilities. Centers can help families understand their rights under IDEA, their children’s needs, and how to obtain appropriate services.

Pennsylvania's Early Intervention Program

PA Department of Education, Early Intervention

Children in Pennsylvania with developmental delays and disabilities benefit from a state-supported collaboration among families, service practitioners and others who work with young children. PA’s Early Intervention program provides support and services to families with children, from birth to age five.

PA Family Centers

PA Department of Human Services

PA Family Centers provide a number of family and community services such as family support and information groups, child health and development screenings, in-home child development sessions, and toy- and book-lending libraries.

Healthy Families America

Healthy Families America promotes child well-being and prevent the abuse and neglect of children through intensive home visiting.

Early Head Start

Early Head Start gives eligible pregnant women and families the skills they need to enhance their children’s growth from birth through age three. Early Head Start home-based services include weekly 90-minute home visits and two group socialization activities per month for families and their children. 

Postpartum Support International (PSI): Pennsylvania Supports

Postpartum Support International

PSI Coordinators and other area resources such as groups, telephone support, and reliable services that are available for no charge. Also list local events, training and volunteer opportunities.

Breastfed Babies Welcome Here! A Mother's Guide


This resource has information, tips and resources to help moms and babies prepare for breastfeeding options when your baby is in a child care program.

Get information on providing breastmilk to your baby when you go back to work or school; how to keep making enough milk when your baby is in child care; how to take breastmilk to the child care site; feeding breastmilk in a bottle; helping your child care program provide care for your breastfed baby and more!

PA’s Promise for Children

There are many factors that can influence the development of a baby during pregnancy and after birth. Until recently researchers knew little about the relationship between an pregnant mom’s mental health and how her baby’s brain would develop after it was born. Get information on how a families mental health can affect their baby, and resources to help support families.

Helping Parents be Parents

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA)

The Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) believes that families love their children and want to be the best caregiver they can be. Almost every family can benefit from gaining a better understanding of themselves, their family dynamics, and how they handle their emotions when it comes to parenting and disciplining children.

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