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Fun ideas and activities for families!

Did you know there are lots of activities you can do to help your child learn?  Learning is Everywhere has great ideas to get you and your child started!

Things to do:

Order hard copies of Learning is Everywhere and other children’s activity guides from Child Core Publishing.

2015-GPS-logosmThe Early Learning GPS for more tips and activities to help your child learn and grow! Create a free family account and map for your child. You can save tips and resources from the GPS quiz. Check out the “You and your child section” and visit the “Activities” tab in your child’s map for activities sorted by age and skill.

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There’s a book for that!

Find a great book for your child! Each month Learning is Everywhere has a new book list to share with your child.

Print it. Take it to the library. Your librarian can help find the books on the sheet. Your child can match up the books to the one-page sheet. Then have fun by reading the books together!

Find the book sheet by clicking the month below!

Reach Out and Read has a guide to find additional books for your child for each stage of his or her development. Find out what your child is doing, what your child is saying and learning, and what you can do to help your child while you are reading!

Other Resources

Here are resources available to help your child learn.





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Early Learning GPS


To learn about the Early Learning GPS – Click here

An online interactive quiz with 10 questions to help you make solid decisions that impact your child’s brain, your child’s development, you and your child, and when your child is not with you.

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