When I Play, I Learn!

Did you know that when children are playing, they are learning? It’s true!

The new When I Play, I Learn has fun activities using every day items, like a towel, measuring cups, a box, or a blanket. See what activities your child can do and what skills they are learning. Then see how you can help! 

Click here to read or print When I Play, I Learn!

Did you know that when a child plays, they learn? Find out what your child learns when they play with everyday items, like a box or blanket! /






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  • Chris says:

    Can I get copies of When I Play, I Learn, instead of printing them off, and is there a cost for copies of the booklet?

    • Mary P. Hall says:

      Chris, When I Play, I Learn is available for purchase through Child Core Publishing. You can call Child Core Publishing at 1-800-257-8830 and they can provide a cost (which depends on how many copies you’d like to have).

  • Jennifer Houser says:

    I am interested in borrowing a When I Play I Learn travel kit

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