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Tiny Town in Lancaster, PA is an indoor play place for children. A truly hands-on, interactive, play-based center; kids can explore 11 luxury playhouses with all the accessories.

From the very beginning dreams of building Tiny Town, I wanted it to be a place of community. Where families could connect. Where tired moms could find a bit of respite as their child could play safely within view. Where parents could meet with therapists and support staff to assess a child’s needs – while playing in a very natural, fun, environment. Where families of all abilities could come together and just play without the stress of the world around them. And most importantly, where adults and children were not judged; that grace was given and given freely. Where families could feel comfortable and feel support as they not only played with their children but also worked with them on how to play! That the judging eyes of some would be ignored because we believe in you and your child – that this world is better because of you.

My goal is to connect with each family that walks through this door – to listen, to spread encouragement, to learn what their child likes and dislikes, to come alongside and say, “You are doing a good job, keep it up.”

I also encourage my staff to talk to customers, spread the love (as cheeky as that sounds), and to extend grace. We ALL need that positivity in our lives. We hope that the child walks away happy that they got to play, and the adults experienced a great visit themselves.

Hannah Harris

Founder and owner of Tiny Town in Lancaster

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