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Maddy’s mom, Jessica, shares:

Maddy loves her teacher, Ms. Dames, and I’m with Maddy. Ms. Dames is phenomenal. She encourages Maddy and supports her. She recognizes Maddy’s strength and interests and runs with them. She has helped tremendously as her teacher. I have lost count how many times Ms. Dames has carried a crying 3-4 year old into class, talking calmly to them to help ease their fear of leaving mom or dad– Maddy included.

My daughter has been sick more than once and Ms. Dames takes it in stride, calming her and taking care of her until we can get her. Ms. Dames genuinely cares. You can see it in every interaction she has with the kids and their parents. I could not have asked for a better person to introduce Maddy to the academic world. I’m so thankful Maddy has had a teacher early on who cared so much for her and encouraged her like she has.

Thank you so much, Ms. Dames!


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