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My name is colleen and my daughter, Mckenzee, attend PA Pre-K Counts at Ferderbar Elementary. 

What a big change this year has made on our child. We want to thank Mrs. Bost for all she has done to grow her mind and spirit this year.

Mrs. Bost is a  truly an amazing teacher who makes a difference in children’s lives every day I’m so grateful that Mckenzee had this opportunity with her! You can tell the passion she has for teaching these young minds. She is so prepared,  organized, patient, creative and just so great with these kids.

Mckenzee always talks about how “Mrs. Bost is the best! She is so nice and fun, Mommy”.

Mckenzee always comes home with excitement and can’t wait to tell us what Mrs.bost has taught her each day

 Thank you!

Colleen, Mckenzee’s mom 

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