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My son, Desmond, attends Heavenly Made Creations Learning Tree.

His teacher, Mrs. Laverne Cheesboro, or Mrs. Bern as the children call her is seriously a Heaven sent Angel that is planting seeds within our children and our community.

Desmond has been attending her early childhood education program for almost two years. Prior to starting, he had been at home with us (his parents) during the day. Desmond is a slow to warm up child so the transition to her program was a bit of a challenge for everyone. Mrs. Laverne was extremely patient, nurturing and created a warm, inviting and safe space for Desmond.

Her program is family based and in her home and that alone takes a special kind of person to manage. She spends up to 10 hrs a day with our children, but is committed to her mission and values way beyond those 10 hours a day. She has attended trainings on how to support not only my son, but her other students, with their unique developmental needs to ensure that each child is thriving with communication and most importantly social/emotional skills. Her evenings and weekends are often spent furthering her own education and business, in addition to some Saturday family events throughout the community.

Every night my son says his prayers, we finish by saying “God Bless….” and the very first name that comes out of his mouth is “Bern” and then he follows by naming each of his friends at school.  As a parent, I go to bed smiling knowing that Mrs. Laverne and her program has had such an impact and will continue to impact my son during these early years of his life.

Evelyn, Desmond’s mom

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  1. Mia Hill says:

    I concur with Desmond’s mom!! Laverne Cheeseboro rocks!!!She is a dedicated teacher and has a love for children! My children are older now but when they were in her care, I didnt worry or have complaints because the environment was conducive to learning and adventures.

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