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Dariya T., Nolan’s mom, shares how Early Intervention was key to Nolan’s success.

When my second child, Nolan, was born, my husband and I were very excited and overwhelmed with happiness. At the same time, we were worried deep inside. How would he grow, and would we need help for him?

Our first child, Adam, was diagnosed with autism at four years old and we didn’t know what it was at that time. We were scared and ours hearts were broken. As Adam grew up, we realized what an incredibly smart and unique child he was growing up to be. There were up and down days and we worried a lot, but his humor and our love got him through it all. He is an honor roll student and it is in part because of the help of this therapists (OT, BHS, Speech, and others). Getting professional help for children and their parents is the key to success and we found out getting help as early as possible is so very important.

Nolan was diagnosed at 20 months and it was not easy to find out our second child also had autism. This time we understood what the diagnosis meant, and that help was available we got services much earlier. He was immediately enrolled in an Early Intervention program and when he graduated from that, we enrolled him at SPIN Drummond Early Intervention program where he got the most amazing people to help him with his growth and behavior issues.

His teachers, Ms. Tania, Ms. Gina, Ms. Tien, therapists Ms. Ashtyn (Speech), Ms. Ilana (OT) and Ms. Shakina (BHS) and after spending almost every day with therapists, he got better and better, and now at age five, he can understand his emotions and self-regulate.

It is important for parents to make sure to stay aware of the demands on their children and balance therapy with the family needs. It wasn’t easy with Covid-19 and the limits on school, but Nolan was able to show his skill s through ZOOM session s with his teachers and therapists. When you stay prepared and keep the whole family on the same page it is possible.

Trained Early Intervention people help families deal with difficult situations and help us see our kids are the most amazing people and they will find their way in life and will do just fine!

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