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Raising children takes a multitude of people and I am glad to have Ms. Kim Brown on my team.
Jayden and Jordan’s mom

I would like to give praise to Ms. Kim Brown for her excellence in teaching a group of pre-k children and providing strength to the parents to develop our children into little people.

At orientation, I was hesitant to believe the person I met could be a pre-k teacher with her bold and straightforward attitude.  I only heard positive feedback from parents of graduated children from previous years.  

Difficulties come with dropping off your crying baby that clings to your neck. Ms. Kim swoops in and detaches the Velcro grip. In no time, the routine starts and while I wipe my tears away. I get a text message picture of a happy three year old playing with friends. This reassurance helps make everyday a little easier.

Discipline, consistency and support makes the balanced environment to develop my baby into a little person. This can only be accomplished by the strength and confidence of an excellent educator like Ms. Kim.  

There are not enough words to describe the benefits my children have over others at their age because of the bold attitude of Ms. Kim. As a pre-k teacher, it is not about teaching from a book and nap times, but supporting potty training techniques, teaching how to zip a coat, cleaning up vomit, discouraging tantrums, and other daily activities that my child just won’t retain from mom and dad’s attempts at teaching.

I love Ms. Kim because she loves my kids and provides much needed support to the parents that don’t want their baby to grow up just yet. This all shines through when my kids recite the words they learn in school and become more independent everyday.  Raising children takes a multitude of people and I am glad to have Ms. Kim Brown on my team. Thank you Ms. Kim for everything. 

Much Love,

Caitlin (Jayden and Jordan’s mom)


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