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Mom, Maria G., shares what makes Ethan a superhero.

I am introducing our superhero, Ethan. As most families were celebrating the holiday season, Ethan was in the hospital recovering from severe burns he encountered in a house fire. We call him our superhero because he is already back in the classroom continuing through the healing process and soaring!

Ethan did not regress during a year of virtual learning and hospitalization. He expanded his skill set through the hard work and dedication of his ABA team and family.

Ethan now enjoys preschool activities that were previously nonpreferred. Ethan’s team is truly amazed with this little guy’s resilience. He is following the routine in his autistic support class, while wearing his heartwarming smile. Ethan does not allow his injury to get in the way of him exploring his environment and making new discoveries.

Ethan reminds his team every day that he is a survivor and will continue to keep pushing forward no matter what life brings his way!

2 Replies to “Superhero Ethan”

  1. Dariya Tareb says:

    A superhero indeed

  2. Jeannie Schelling says:

    A true Superhero indeed. Stay Strong Ethan & Reach for the Starsđź’ž

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