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Michelle Lasure, Manager at the Family Center, shares how the Family Center has made an impact with a family.

We have an enrolled family with mom and dad who are teen parents to 2 children ages 30 months and 12 months.

Mom has been enrolled with our program since finding out about her second pregnancy. Mom has graduated from high school this year and working with (Parents as Teachers) PAT Parents Educator was able to schedule Spring 2018 courses at our local community college. 

Mom and Dad both work. Dad works full time and Mom works part-time and child care was an issue. Through goal setting and information on state subsidy day care mom was able to obtain child care through the state.

Mom and Dad both lived with their parents while trying to co-parent their children and manage school and employment schedules between the families. Dad’s parents drug addicts and the environment was extremely high risk for the children. 

Dad’s goal was to obtain housing for his family. Dad received housing utilizing The Family Center resources through Tableland Services and now the family is able to live in their own home with some assistance with housing.  

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