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I qualified for the Nurse Family Partnership program because I was an at-risk young woman. I became addicted to opiates in my freshman year in college. I struggled for years to get clean. I was in rehab three times and then I went to a half-way house called Mountainside. I stayed there for 3 months and learned how to live again. I then moved on to a sober living home. During that time, I became pregnant. I worked at Dunkin Donuts and knew that the money I made there would not support me and my baby. My boyfriend and I moved in together, but our financial state was not good. My mother encouraged me to apply for the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program. She is a lactation consultant in the Philadelphia area and had first-hand knowledge of the program.

I wanted and needed the help during my pregnancy. I was two hours away from my family and I knew NFP would be a good support. My nurse, Brenda provided me with the education I needed. I only spent a short period of time with my OB/GYN and Brenda was there to answer all the questions I was unable to ask during those short visits.

Once my baby, Lucia arrived, I counted on Brenda’s help when it came to all the craziness that happens in the early months of life. Her help was amazing. Brenda and my mother encouraged me to breastfeed and I loved it. My mom thought that becoming a lactation consultant might be a good career path for me. I agreed!

Brenda was able to find me the resources needed to get back into school to reach my goals. I’m now enrolled in college and taking the courses I need to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I’m excited to work through these classes and meet my goals. I would have never reached these goals if it wasn’t for NFP.

Brenda also helped evaluate Lucia’s development milestones. We discussed the things that Lu should be doing and she brought me books and other resources to help me along the way. That help was priceless.

My current income as a worker at Dunkin Donuts is far less than what I can make as an IBCLC. I know Lucia needs more in life. I’m excited to give my baby a better life than one I would have had if I only worked at a minimum wage job. I thank NFP for helping me reach those goals.


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