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Being new to the area and not knowing anyone I found it hard to adapt to my new life here in McKeesport. I was referred to the McKeesport Family Center through an employee of the veteran leadership program in Pittsburgh who was familiar with the family center and McKeesport. When I called to inquire about my three boys and I joining their program the staff were welcoming and friendly. They were so open and willing to help me with anything that they could as well as giving me referrals to other agencies I the area. 

I remember my first home visit, I was so nervous and being a mom of children who have special needs I was concerned that my FDS wouldn’t be able to help my family and the challenges we face in our daily life. She came into my home and immediately my children came right to her she was so friendly and warm it made them feel so safe and they had no problems interacting with her. She was so willing to get on their level and interact with them. They sang songs, played games, made a craft it was definitely a great first and lasting impression on my children and me. 

Fast forward to she years and two more children my family and I are still a family very much involved with the family center. My three older children have since graduated the program however I still have two younger children who still receive weekly home visits and we attend the weekly play groups as well as the various activities throughout the community that the family center organizes. 

My family and I always have so much fun and there is always such a positive atmosphere. The amount of time and effort that the staff sped strengthening family’s and encouraging healthy family bonds speaks for itself however I can honestly say that my family and I would not be the strong healthy family unit we are today without the nurturing and support that we continually receive from the staff at the McKeesport family center.

I am so thankful for everything they have and continue to do for me and my family. 

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