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Our daughter Maria is in her second year of the PA Pre-K Counts program through the Halifax Area School District. Being in the program has been a beneficial experience for her. It has nurtured development in various areas such as: social/emotional, language arts, cognitive, interpersonal, self-help skills, math, science/social studies concepts and literacy. For example, we have seen an increase in letter, sound, number, and color recognition, as well as, a high interest in reading and writing. She has “written” (dictated) and illustrated a few books. The current book she is writing she is called “The Three Little Kittens and the Big Bad Dog.”  

We have appreciated this opportunity for her to attend because we feel that preschool is the first introduction to education and this experience will assist her to  reach her fullest learning potential. She will be more than ready for Kindergarten!

Chad and Chandra B.

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