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Marcus’ mom, Anjail M., shares his big dreams and how they cope with his hearing loss.

My child is special because he has been diagnosed with profound sensorineural hearing loss in his left ear. Even though this plays a major role in his life, it doesn’t define him at all.

Marcus is a wonderful, loud, outgoing, smart, strong willed, very outspoken 6-year-old with a humongous heart. Marcus has big dreams of becoming a video gamer when he gets older, meaning he wants to invent his own video and computer games.

I make sure he is safe and loved in many ways. One way is getting him the proper treatment done at Children’s Hospital.

Marcus talks loud due to his hearing and Children’s Hospital and I decided to try a device that will help him hear better. This device also helps him in school. The school is working with us to get what he needs while he’s in school.

The Family Center has been amazing providing lots of support and lots of materials to learn with. My family receives direct help from Yvonne with everything from school, home, and doctor’s visits Marcus meets new people mainly at school and from playing sports.

Marcus has a baby brother who had to have a hearing screening done and we were hopeful both ears were normal, and they were. My goal is to help minimize his frustrations. One way is with use of his device. The device helps him hear what I’m saying directly in his ear.

Marcus attends kindergarten. His school has been very cooperative in getting him what he needs. Marcus is very happy to be able to hear new things that were hard to hear before.

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