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As my child’s advocate, I would like to take time to share with the stakeholders and funders, my family’s testimonial as to how much the PA Pre-K Counts Program, through CAS at the Jefferson-Morgan location, has impacted my son’s educational excitement as well as our grateful appreciation of all of the amazing teachers and staff who dedicate so much love and passion to each and every child.

When I first entered into the classroom to fill out paperwork, I was instantly impressed with the quality educational tools that my eyes took in.  And meeting Ms. Marilyn was the icing on the cake.  I could tell that she was highly qualified and compassionate in making sure my overly hyper child would succeed with transitioning into kindergarten.

In the first few weeks, Mason was having difficulty getting accustomed to a room full of other children and I saw he was acting out.  I value education and the last thing I wanted was my child disrupting Ms. Marilyn’s daily classroom.  I had decided at that point that I was pulling Mason from the PA Pre-K program.  When I called, they took the time to convince me to keep him in the program and we would open communicate and put together a plan for him.  I am so appreciative for this.  The CAS team, and the teachers at the Jefferson Morgan location are so dedicated to early child development and it shows!  The one on one time they give each child, all the learning activities and curriculum provided to help the children become skilled, ready and excited for kindergarten truly is a gift.

I know that this program is highly valuable to help the less fortunate learn, from social to educational skills, to endless tools that they would otherwise miss out on, all provided at no cost to the family themselves.  The teachers of CAS through the PA Pre-K Counts program and Mr. McCarty at the Jefferson-Morgan Elementary school are valuable gifts to the children and the community.

Fast forward to day, Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Jennifer, as well as Mr. McCarty, superseded my expectations.  My son is ready for kindergarten.  I am thankful for this early childhood educational team, the grant funding, and to you, the stakeholders and funders, for your time and dedication to ensure and make happen that the love of learning is available to the future young leaders of tomorrow.

Stephanie, Greene County

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