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Child care owner, Tom, shares the support of his Early Learning Resource Center.

My two children, Duke and Lucy, attend a licensed childcare center in Erie County. I also happen to own the center. Like most Child Care Centers we closed in March of 2020 [due to COVID-19]. This was a very challenging and scary time. My wife Kelly and I were not sure how we could safely reopen the center or if we wanted to send our children. We knew that there was a need for our services. However, we were unsure how we could open our center while protecting our children, employees, and the community we serve.

The Early Learning Resource Center (Region 1) proved to be an incredible asset for us as we navigated our way through these unprecedented decisions. The ELRC 1 supported us through organizing and facilitating meetings discussing best practices for safe operations, provided us with personal protective equipment, and advocated and provided funds to allow us to open safely and remain open.

Our center has now been open for longer than we were closed. We owe a great deal to the ELRC 1 for making it possible to re-open safely. Not just through the financial help we received, but the mental, emotional, and physical support they provided. Without their support and guidance, I fear for what my childcare center would look like today and the other centers in our area they so lovingly support. My children and many others have been able to receive loving and safe care from my center and countless others largely due to the Early Learning Resource Center. Thank You!

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