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I know all parents are biased when it comes to their children, myself included. Carter is the most intelligent four year child I have ever crossed paths with. He is kind and compassionate, strong willed and determined. For every statement made he always has some sort of comeback. For every tear shed he is there to tell you it will all be okay. 

When Carter was younger he was able to stay at home with his Dad while he worked from home and I feel as if that’s where he learned to pick up things so fast. However, we knew that he would need the social interaction with other children his age. 

We enrolled him in day care right after he turned two. He just turned four and is now enrolled in an early pre-k class. The amount of growth I have seen is remarkable. He has quickly learned the basic such as counting, his alphabet and his number. He has also learned how to be a compassionate child. He grew up with a handful of cousins but chose to not interact or share. He is now the first one to share with his little brother and the first to wipe his tears when he cries. Carter comes home everyday telling me all of what he learned in school and he enjoys attending.

A few weeks before Christmas my sons lost their father. The entire facility pulled together and made sure my children and myself had the best Christmas we could under the circumstances. Carter’s first response after he finished was “this is the best Christmas ever.” They had also helped with the financial burden of child care allowing me to alleviate some stress. 

I am currently back to working full time as well as finishing up my college degree and while I am not with my boys I know that I don’t have to worry about their well being because they are in the best hands. 


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