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The former Lehigh County Child Care Information Services (CCIS) office shares how access to quality early learning opportunities and subsidy services impacts families in the region.

  • A caller would contact the CCIS on a regular basis to ask about the status of the Wait List. At the time the Wait List was very long. Each time she would call she sounded tired and a little desperate and would explain that she was caring for her grandchildren so her daughter could go to work. One day, a client came into the CCIS to see if there was another way she could get assistance for Child Care while she was on the waiting list. She was very sad but determined to do whatever she needed to do to get the help. It turned out that she was the daughter of the woman who had been calling regularly asking about the Wait List. The client spoke about her mother and how sick she was. Before giving her the names of centers who provide scholarships, her case was pulled up and the client had received funding that same day! The clients reaction was one that I would never forget. At first the client did not believe it, then she started crying in a way that showed how much she needed the help. The client later disclosed her mother was going to have surgery for brain cancer, it was a hard and sad situation and no one was able to help her with the children. There were no words to describe how thankful and emotional she was. I had never experienced something like that in my entire life and my heart and soul were touched in an indescribable way. I’m amazed how much this program could change a family’s life in different ways and how beneficial it is for parents and children.
  • Anabel was so happy to learn about the subsidized child care program because now she is able to afford quality child care for her children and childcare is not draining her pocket anymore. She was also happy because of a fast wait list and was overall grateful for our services and other resources that we were able to refer to her.
  • Just this morning Kandi came to discuss how to keep her case open. Having the option to have a “plan” and not lose her child care funding has been a blessing for her. One child will be re-enrolling today and her other child will remain in suspension waiting for summer.

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