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Jennifer and her daughter, Brielle, share their experiences in the Parents As Teachers Program.

My daughter Brielle is special in so many ways!! She is very nurturing towards her toys, as she loves to feed them and brush their teeth. She also loves to take care of her older brother, Keenan, when he is sick.

I help Brielle grow in several ways, such as allowing her the opportunity to explore her environment and make messes. I always encourage her to write, read, and get out her art supplies. Spending time creating drawings and paintings with Brielle is one of my favorite activities. I love how creative she is. She learns well in our home and at daycare. The social interaction with other children at daycare has increased her vocabulary and she is now speaking in full sentences.

I enjoy my phone visits with Ms. Jeana and look forward to talking with her each week about developmental and age appropriate activities for Brielle. I enjoy each and every day getting to help Brielle learn and explore!!


Brielle shares a picture she drew! (below)

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