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The Family Service Association of Bucks County shared this testimonial from their Nurturing Parenting program.

Kathleen, a single mom, was referred to the Nurturing Parenting program because she was struggling to discipline her two young children. Robert is six, and Eva is four. They are energetic and eager to please their mom, but Kathleen was spending a great deal of time yelling and making empty threats because she didn’t know how to implement any other discipline techniques.

Kelly, a Family Service Parent Educator, began meeting with Kathleen on a weekly basis. After their initial meeting and assessment, Kelly customized the curriculum to build on Kathleen’s strengths as a parent and to address her weaknesses. They focused on positive discipline methods and appropriate use of rewards, and Kelly stressed the importance of consistency with consequences. 

Kathleen worked hard to implement the Nurturing Parenting methods within her family. She established daily routines so her children would know what to expect, and she began using reward charts to recognize positive behaviors. Kathleen gradually noticed differences in the way her children responded to her. They were finally starting to listen and comply with her requests. 

After completing 30 weeks of parent education sessions, Kathleen became a mother who is calm, self aware and who thinks before she acts. As a result, her family is happier and enjoys spending quality time together, especially doing crafts and playing outdoors.

Nurturing Parenting is funded by Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services Agency, Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund and United Way of Bucks County. Testimonial reprinted with permission.

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