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The Pre-K program has been a blessing for our daughter.  It has allowed her an early start in learning all of the skills she will need to know for kindergarten.  It has also provided her with the opportunity for socialization with other children.

She has shown such excitement with making her own friends and learning new things.   My daughter expresses daily that she loves being at school with her friends and absolutely adores her teachers.

We are so grateful that we had a safe place to send her every day.

My son attended the program two years ago and has blossomed into a straight “A” student.

I do truly believe that the foundation started in the Pre-K program is what helped him to become such a good student.   I cannot say enough wonderful things about the teachers.  The love, patience and compassion that they have given to my daughter has been amazing.  They have become a part of our family.

We are so grateful to Ashley and Stacey for being so wonderful with both of our children.  My daughter is extremely saddened to be leaving them for kindergarten next year, but happy that she will still be able to see them around the school.

Kristina W., Allegheny County

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