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On Saturday, September 10, 2022, Region 2 Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) and the Potter County Education Council hosted BLOCK Fest® for parents/caregivers and their children ages 8 months to 8 years of age.

BLOCK Fest® is a research-based exhibit that helps raise awareness of early math and science learning by offering hands-on block play experiences to families with young children. Families, preschool teachers and the community becomes more knowledgeable about the importance of early math and science learning as it impacts both school readiness and later math success.

BLOCK Fest® is a family interactive event that uses five block play stations to introduce children and their families to the educational value of blocks.

At BLOCK Fest® families learn about early learning benefits from block play in math, science, and other development concepts. Families discover how they can help their children learn early math and science concepts while they play with blocks through guided play and conversation and that early math learning is a strong predictor for school readiness, including literacy and social-emotional development.

BLOCK Fest® also educates communities about the short and long-term importance of early math and science learning.

A special thank you to volunteers at BLOCK Fest: Michele Moore, Potter County Educational Council; Gina Smith, Potter County Drug & Alcohol; Amy Jacob, IU9; Jeanne Morley, IU9; MaryLou Jensen, Coudersport School District; and ELRC staff Michelle Reilly, Quality Coach, Sylvia Dunlap, CCW Eligibility Specialist and Julia A. Foster, Director.

Also a thank you to Northern Tier Head Start,  IU9, Potter County Drug & Alcohol, and Region 2 Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) who provided resources to attendees.

Find family resources & more on Block Fest®.

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