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My name is Brittney and I am Cheyenne’s mother.  Cheyenne was born March 22, 2018.  When she was born, I found out I carried her over 10 months.  Rommel (daddy) and I work together as a team to make sure Cheyenne gets all the care she needs

Cheyenne had her first febrile seizure at 9 months old. It lasted more than a half hour. Longest time of my life. We transported her to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to run tests, spinal tap and other related procedures. We found out along with her febrile seizures, she also was diagnosed with mental health disabilities.

Rommel and I work very hard to improve her speech and display of emotions/actions. We started to notice that she was having a hard time communicating with us verbally, which led her to be more aggressive and emotional. 

We have since had Gina and Kim from Early Intervention join her and work with her both verbally and emotionally.  With this we also have monitored her closely but still allow her to play and socialize with others. We do lots of family activities and make sure she stays active. Gina and Kim have been so wonderful to work with, and we are very grateful for the progress we see with Cheyenne.

In the short time we have seen Cheyenne start to communicate more and work through her emotions. She still has a way to go, but I see Cheyenne thriving every day.  We hope she succeeds in everything she puts her mind to and spread her happiness with the world. Every day is a journey and she is truly a blessing.

Rommel & Brittney B., Cheyenne’s Parents

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